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Antique vs Vintage

Buy Xanax From EuropeSome of you have asked me what the difference is between the terms “antique” and “vintage” -as most of you know I love both. Right now I am very into the meticulous and beautiful work that went into creating engagement rings in the 1920s- 30s. When people say they “just don’t make them like that anymore”… It’s true. They don’t. More and more diamond engagement rings are made with machines- mostly because there is such high demand for similar styles. Why would women want an engagement ring every other woman has? I don’t know. But they certainly seem to.Buy Xanax Cod Overnight  Halo mountings are the new Tiffany style solitaire. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are beautiful. I will happily sell you one and truly fall in love with it myself (especially if its a cushion cut center) but there goes the antique style creeping in with me again. But I digress. Antique and vintage.

Today, vintage generally means a piece that was made after the 1920’s and includes the “Retro Era” the glamorous, Hollywood-inspired 1940’s jewelry, the Jacqueline Kennedy inspired 60’s jewelry, and even the dramatic and bold jewelry of the 1980’s.According to government guidelines, antiques are items that are at least 100 years old. Popular jewelry created in historic eras that are still commonly found in the U.S. Doctors Prescribe Xanax Onlinethrough estate sales generally being in the rare Georgian Era (1714-1837), in which every piece was hand-crafted and therefore very valuable. The Victorian years provided jewelry fashion with three distinct eras that include Early Romantic Victorian (1837-1850), Grand Mid-Victorian (1860-1880) and Late Aesthetic Victorian (1885-1990). The simplified jewelry of the Arts & Crafts Movement (1894-1923) was a hand-made jewelry artisan’s rebellion to the Industrial Revolution, while at the same time Art Nouveau Jewelry (1895-1915) was popularized by the famous French jeweler LaLique.Buying Xanax Online From Canada Edwardian Era-jewelry, named after Queen Victoria’s son, Edward was popular during 1901-1910, followed by the visually forward Art Deco Style (1920-1935.)

In my store I have a line of platinum antique replicas from the 20s-30s which are done in the same manner as they were created back then- by hand. I also have several genuine vintage and antique bridal pieces. I think this gives couples an opportunity to choose their own center stone and tailor the mounting to it, Buying Xanax In Buenos Airesrather than choose an existing completed piece. However, nothing quite compares to the magic of just finding the perfect genuine antique or vintage ring- mostly made with the old euro cut diamonds which were almost always higher in quality than most diamond rings you see now. They are even sometimes less expensive and so much nicer. They are almost all in Platinum or 18k gold. They have character. The idea of owning a piece that has lasted so long is a romantic one when it comes to getting engaged.If you haven’t explored the possibility of a genuine antique or vintage engagement ring, I encourage you to do so! The possibilities are endless…


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