Spotlight on Jayson Argento

Feb 7, 2013 – Essex Reporter -Essex Jct Vermont

By day, this Essex Junction resident is co-owner of Argento Laraine Fine Jewelry —located on Talcott Road in Williston.

He also fills his spare time with his two other businesses: Champlain Motion Pictures and Lake Champlain Photography.

And by night, Argento rocks Chittenden County in live performances with his band, Pleasuredome.


“I have always taken on too many things at once,” said the former Malletts Bay resident and CHS graduate. “But when you share yourself — you are sharing art.”

Before the jewelry business and before the band — there were films.

Argento got his start in the film industry with shorts. But soon, he had an idea for a feature length film. In 2008, his movie “Finding Providence,” was released and Champlain Motion Pictures was born.

“I remember sitting in the back of Essex Cinemas for the ‘Finding Providence’ movie premiere,” remembered Argento. “I was very much in tears as I observed people laughing and screaming in all the right places. That was the best feeling I’ve ever experienced with art.”

That same year, two more full-length features were made.

Watch Argento’s full-length feature film, “Finding Providence,” now available to watch through Netflix and to purchase on and

Watch Argento’s full-length feature film, “Finding Providence,” now available to watch through Netflix and to purchase on and

“Cthulhu Chronicles: The Movie” is a suspenseful, supernatural thriller starring Argento, Rusty Dewees and Luis Guzman.

“What Light Remains” stars the late Larry Holden, best known for his roles in “Batman Begins” and “Memento” and a good friend of Argento’s.


“The real defining characteristic of Larry is that he was an amazing person who changed lives for the better everywhere he went,” Argento shared.

Both movies are currently in post-production and Argento knows they will be finished soon.

“I have finally found an editor that has Vermont roots and a family, so he won’t be moving to LA or NYC,” he explained. “It’s a good thing, too, because I have a ton of ideas for new scripts just rattling around in my notes on my iPhone.”

Argento doesn’t let the post-production waiting game get to him. When he closes the jewelry store for the day, he gears up for his next gig with Pleasuredome.

“My band takes a few pages from the concerts we loved so much in the eighties and we invoke that same energy into a Pleasuredome show,” he revealed.

As the lead singer, it’s Argento’s job to bring the positive energy.

“At our shows, you will have fun. Big huge anthems that make your heart soar and pull your hands into the air,” Argento expressed. “I enjoy seeing people light up when we start a song like ‘Living on a Prayer’ or ‘Don’t Stop Believing.’”

If you’ve missed Pleasuredome’s shows at local venues like On Tap Bar and Grill in Essex Junction, or Venue in Colchester — mark your calendar for their Apr. 13 show at Higher Ground, when Argento and his band will be performing with Quadra.

Since Argento and his wife, Krista Laraine, opened their Williston jewelry store in December, they’ve already been thinking about creative ways to incorporate their artistic passions into the space.

“It’s a beautiful building with lots of parking. We want to display local artists and sculptors,” he noted. “And as long as we get the right permits and keep all the display cases mobile, let’s move everything into the back room at night and show a film!”

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