COTS – Harmonies for Humanity


On sale at Argento Laraine Fine Jewelry

We are thrilled to be a part of this compilation CD featuring many of Vermont’s finest musicians benefiting local homeless shelters.  The album’s proceeds go straight to the COTS foundation who provide the less fortunate with warm places to sleep in the winter as well as food year round.  The album can be purchased via iTunes and physical CD’s are available at the following locations:
Paramount Theater in Rutland, Guitar Center in Williston, Ramunto’s Pizza in Williston, Argento Laraine Fine Jewelry in Williston, Outdoor Gear Exchange in Burlington, SVS Auto and Burlington Records, among others.

The tracklist is as follows:
Harmonies for Humanity Vol. 1.

1. Hope Is a Must – Second Agenda
2. American City – Gregory Douglass
3. Happiness – The Aerolites
4. Ben There – Eric La Fave
5. Not My Way – Myra Flynn
6. Brother, Be – Japhy Ryder
7. Enough to Get Away – Zack Du Pont & Pat Melvin8. If I Were a Train – Toni Catlin & Richard Ferreira
9. Something Addictive – Climbing Up Walls
10. Cold Front – Jen Crowell
11. Penny in My Pocket (feat. Joshua Glass) – The Beerworth Sisters
12. Little City – Face One & Andy Lugo
13. We Do Not Agree – One Over Zero
14. Twisted (feat. M. Gandhi) – Alex P.
15. Cheers to a Good Day – Seamus The Great
16. So New (feat. Eric Daniels & Tim Stickle) – Sarah Stickle
17. Coming Home – Steve Hartmann
18. Worldwide – Coba Stella 


“Harmonies for Humanity is a project organized by RiseAbove Records that organizes the local music community in Vermont to raise money for the Committee on Temporary Shelter (C.O.T.S.).  The musicians appearing on the this CD are not paid or compensated.  They have donated their songs & music in an effort to help feed, clothe, shelter, educate and provide emergency services to as many economically disadvantaged people as possible.  All proceeds raised are donated directly to C.O.T.S.  It is our hope that you share in our music & help the economically disadvantaged wherever & whenever you can.”

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